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Finding a name which is worldwide available and sexy from a marketing point of view can be a headache considering that thousands of trademarks are registered every minute.

 Especially when your company business is prepared to invest consistently in new products, your trademark search should be reliable, including not only the legal risks but also the business one.

That’s why, depending on the level of risks your company is ready to undertake, we offer 4 types of services:

With more than 20 years of experience and after having searched names for medicines, chemical products, luxury shoes and worldwide snacks, we are confident you will find a solution which allows to readily understand all risks in connection with trademarks searched and to drill down into candidate trademarks; conflicting trademarks; and country specific detail as required.

Our dedicated platform is available to show all current and previous searches and be a partner for your daily success.

Our Offering


Dedicated platform

Available 24/7, free of charge, you can check the status of every single project


Comprehensive Solution

All your worldwide searches, with a uniform reporting, in one place


Smart Management

Full transparency on costs, a project leader dedicated, direct connection with our benchmarking tools

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Additional Services

Cost Management

Audit, Negociation, Compliance, Benchmark, Forecast and Invoice Bundling.

Filing & Prosecution

We have developed the industry’s leading set of best practices associated with international trademark filing for large companies.


training your experts while also making all employees IP savvy, is essential.

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