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Intellectual property deserves to be considered as the true strategic corporate asset that it misses too often to be. By applying reputed and proven financial, management and marketing methodologies to your IP portfolio, we will improve the protection of your company, empower your strategy and set free the benefits of the monetization.

Highly skilled IP analysts combining their knowledge with best in class software to search, organize and analyze intellectual property, will accompany you through this journey to excellence.

Explore our range of IP consulting services and keep in mind that we are workable according your needs.

Player benchmarking

Compare the performance of the IP protection with those of your client, measure the balance of power, then identify corrective actions.

IP roadmap

Position the project in the industrial value chain to capture new value through the creation of industrial property rights.

IP due diligence

Evaluate the ability of IP assets to protect market positioning, fulfill promises made to investors and create value both now and in the future.

IP valuation

Develop financial value to IP assets within a specific context and for a specific use: sale/acquisition, litigations, mergers & acquisitions, financial communications, investment in a start-up, a loan, an IPO.

Out licensing and technology transfer

Add value to IP assets through licensing and technology transfer. Generate new revenue streams.

Patent landscape

Identify and evaluate the patents filed in one area, inventive dynamics, R&D and market countries, top players, the different technological or applicative trends… in order to assess your opportunities and threats.

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