Orbit Innovation becomes Orbit Insight!

A new name and logo to highlight the core value of the product

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Orbit Insight

Orbit Innovation new name and logo rebranding

Orbit Innovation’s new name and visual identity is a result of a rebranding effort designed to mirror Questel’s growth and determination to offer a comprehensive Innovation Management software suite to its customers in order to better fulfill their needs across the entire innovation lifecycle.

Recent product launches and acquisitions of targeted innovation management leaders has accelerated this move. 

Why Orbit Insight?

To highlight the core value of the product:

"The right information at the right time to help you better understand your innovation ecosystem"

Smart & Pre-defined
Business Oriented dashboard

Data interpretation and visual insights to understand the market at a glance.

Orbit Insight is the most powerful innovation intelligence software that gives you easy access to competitive & technological landscapes, to explore new markets, and to find partners.

Its instant technology and competitive landscape dashboards allows you time to explore new market opportunities. Benefit from hands-on experience and, access big picture results pages. 

Insight Feed: receive monthly or weekly insight in your mailbox

Automatically monitor competitors' activities and stay informed on your favorite topics.

Keeping up with competitors, partners and industry trends can be painstaking and time consuming, and even more so between two research periods. That’s why we’ve launched Insight Feed to allow you to gain agility while staying abreast of the latest innovation activities of your ecosystem.

Don’t miss any more any strategic activities!

Track companies or research topics your care about, customize news email pushes over multiple event categories, and receive weekly or monthly real-time feed of the latest news directly in your mailbox.



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