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Orbit Express uses Questel's world-renowned database of patent and non-patent publications.

Orbit Express is an application dedicated to engineers, researchers and managers who want to quickly and easily obtain information in their technical domain : patent and scientific and technical publications.


Its intuitive interface, adapted features and secured corporate access meet the needs of organizations wishing to broaden access to scientific and technical information in order to optimize research and innovation and facilitate the protection of their intellectual property.

Multiple queries

Orbit Express offers multiple patent search options

Simplified: able to detect the nature of the search to optimize the relevance of the results

Advanced: allows you to precisely define your search perimeter without having to learn a specific search language

Semantic: allows you to paste a text excerpt to find documents close to this content.

Similar: detects the documents closest to those selected by the user

Each of these searches can find both patents and scientific literature.

refine your results

Refine your results

Fast, graphical statistics and filters allow you to refine your patent search.

The user can then select documents to keep, share or export.

Store and classify relevant documents

Orbit Express allows the creation of directories and lists where documents chosen by the user can be stored for later use.

store and classify


Orbit Express users can easily collaborate with patent research and analysis experts who are users of the Orbit Intelligence solution.

Folders created in Orbit Intelligence can be shared with Orbit Express users who, depending on their role in the organization, can rate, comment on or tag documents.


It is also very easy to automatically receive all new publications in a chosen field:

Each search can be converted into an “alert” email that contains the new documents answering its search.

Each patent family deemed interesting by the user can be monitored: an email will be sent to the user as soon as a new patent is published in this family.


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