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European Patent Validation Services

Benefit from an end-to-end solution that simplifies and reduces the cost of obtaining a European patent

European patent grant and validation formalities can be complex, expensive and time consuming. Our comprehensive service saves money and streamlines the process. Ask us to take over as early as the 71(3) Intention to Grant to translate and file the claims and pay the grant fees. We will then monitor for the Decision to Grant and, with a single instruction from you, validate your patent. Our admin expert team manages the formalities and any necessary translations for the countries you choose. After validation, we will forward you all patent office notifications at no extra cost. We can also take care of patent annuities and recordals. With one partner, one contact and one invoice, European patents are that much easier with Questel.
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How our European Patent Validation services work



At intention to grant:

  • Translate claims
  • Pay fees to EPO

4 months after 71(3)



  • Monitor for decision to grant
  • Translate and validate

3 months after publication of grant



  • Stand as address for services

For the life of patent

Key Benefits

Dedicated EP portal

Available 24/7, free of charge, estimate, instruct, check the status of your cases in a single place. A secure repository for all your instructions and documents.

Significant savings

As a client of Questel, the world’s top international filer and #2 for patent translations, benefit from our purchasing power and network.

Integrated solution

Access a full suite of EP and international patenting services in one place: translations, foreign filing, validations, annuities, recordals, admin services, etc.


Benefit from a centralized EP grant and validation service with a single invoice that clearly sets out official fees, translation and validation costs

Instruct us directly or via your patent attorney firm. We will fit in with the process that works best for you and your partners.


You can count on our IP admin team, patent translation specialists and ISO certified processes to manage your European Patent Grant and Validations.


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