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Questel is the world’s #1 for patent foreign filing. Benefit from our unmatched resources and expertise!

international filing services

Our team of IP admin experts, our technology and processes help you streamline your international patent filings. With Questel as your partner, you free up internal resources and can focus on value-added tasks while improving quality and efficiency. Whatever the foreign filing route you take in however many countries, you benefit from our centralized model with one contact, one instruction and one invoice. You can be confident of top-quality filing-ready translations in all languages at all times, reliability, competitive pricing, transparency and accountability. You also have access to our suite of IP support solutions (link to service/software overview) to make all aspects of international patenting that much easier.

A Global Organization of IP Professionals for foreign filing

100 Administrative Experts

150 Countries
300 foreign associates
100 expert translators
20.000 foreign filings/years

PCT International
PCT National Phase
Direct Filings

Partner to the world's top filers

ISO certified processes ensure
robust quality control

A Global Player for Global Companies

  • 80% of our customers are in the fortune 500
  • 10% of all foreign filings originating in the US are handled by us
  • 15 out 25 top PCT filers are using Questel services

Key Benefits

Dedicated foreign filing portal

Available 24/7, free of charge, estimate, instruct, check the status of your cases in a single place. A secure repository for all your instructions and documents.

A world leader just for you

We are proud to be the world’s #1 organization for patent foreign filing with 10% of US origin filings managed by Questel. 15 of the top 25 PCT filers as well as SMEs, law firms, universities, research organizations and start ups trust Questel for foreign filing.

Our team in a few key figures
100 IP admin experts 80 in-house linguists and 1200 specialized translators 200 foreign agents in 130 countries. All at your service.
Translations are included

We are the world’s #1 IP specialized translation company. We ensure quality, consistency and competitive pricing thanks to our expert translators, tech driven solutions and ISO certified processes.

Control your costs

Audit, control, monitor and optimize your outsourced IP spend with Questel’s unique cost and invoice management solution. Find out how you can benefit from this service free of charge when you partner with us.

An end-to-end flexible solution
Work with our team for foreign filing and our network of agents present in 130 countries for prosecution or benefit from the seamless transfer of your case to your own preferred agents. You choose.


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