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Questel invest in ITIP and becomes a leader in international filing with a unique cost management solution

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Questel announce its investment in ITIP, based in Michigan and founded in 2005 by Tom Quinn, who will remain CEO. “ITIP propose a unique software approach to big saving in prosecution costs” explain Charles Besson, Questel CEO, “it is a perfect fit with our new IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) software solution”. “Questel has the technological means to help us go further in cost management” mention Tom Quinn, “as well as the international presence to help us grow”.

“ITIP senior management team has nearly a century of experience working for large corporations as General Counsel, Chief IP Counsel and patent professionals”, adds Charles Besson, “and this is a precious knowledge for us at Questel and our strategy to cover 100% of the IP needs”.

Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider to more than 5,000 clients and 1M users across 30 countries. We offer a comprehensive software suite for searching, analyzing and managing inventions and IP assets. Questel also provides services throughout the IP lifecycle, including prior art searches, patent drafting, international filing, translation, and renewals. These solutions, when combined with our IP cost management platform, deliver clients an average savings of 30-60% across the entire prosecution budget.

ITIP’s innovative solutions provide complete transparency into the cost management of IP law firms and international agents. Bringing together a unique vision that combines proprietary best practices, state of the art IT technology and IP human resources, ITIP has a variety of proven solutions for large companies to cut through waste and eliminate unnecessary cost.