Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation: 2022 Patent Landscape

Published, 1 December 2022
Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation - 2022 Patent Landscape

How are Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation contributing to shape the new future?
A global patent landscape on Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation revealed key insights on the latest innovation trends, patents dynamics and key players.

Cities of the future are already here, and Smart cities are being implemented worldwide. Transportation, one of the key pillars of this urban transformation, is following the same accelerated pace of development and is portraying a similar high investment.

As interaction between public infrastructure and the automotive industry is at the core of intelligence in the transportation industry, this study focuses on both, Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation technologies, for the sake of a more comprehensive view.

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The current report has covered a global patent landscape, analyzing the various innovation trends between 2010 and 2022, focusing on upper levels of vehicle autonomy (SAE Level 4 and Level 5) and the latest innovation technologies. For each of the two topics, patent filing trends, R&D origins, market countries, key players, and technology segments were scrutinized. Reference information from various sources were also inspected enriching therefore the analysis and allowing for revealing business and technological insights.


The analysis disclosed a total of 49,000 patent families filed on Autonomous Driving-related technologies and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24% between 2010 and 2020 with a significant accentuation of filing starting 2016. On the other hand, Smart Transportation recorded 35,858 patent families since 2010 with a CAGR value of 28% between 2014 and 2020.

Major innovation activities were attributed to China, USA, Japan, Germany, and South Korea with an overall Chinese domination.


The competition is strong in the top players, which are mainly car manufacturers, companies specializing in autonomous driving, automotive suppliers and other software, telecommunications, and tech companies. A tight race for the top two positions between the Chinese Internet and AI technology company, BAIDU and the Japanese automobile manufacturer, TOYOTA is remarkably perceived, with other players such as ROBERT BOSCH, HONDA and FORD being among the top 5 listed.


For more insights on R&D trends and innovation dynamics, check our Autonomous Driving and Smart Transportation 2022 patent landscape.



  • Gustavo Shioga – Practice Leader
  • Eva Razzouk – Senior Consultant
  • Houssem Arbaoui – Consultant
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