Smart Data, Intelligently Delivered for improved Legal Management

Choosing technology that handles current needs and provides adequate flexibility to grow will allow for future business transformation.

Executive Summary

Law departments significantly improve the value of their investment in collecting and analyzing business data using advanced legal technology solutions. Choosing technology that handles current needs and provides adequate flexibility to grow will allow for future business transformation. Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) technology is the clear choice for legal departments the world over.

Using advanced ELM technology, Legal Ops teams address their evolving needs and core business goals of greater efficiency, data transparency, and team collaboration. Learn why corporate legal is rethinking data and leveraging technology to boost legal performance while lowering costs:


How Corporate Legal uses smart data to boost performance

Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) face ever-evolving business challenges, including handling disparate data sources. This adds complexity to analyzing data and increases security risks. CLOs experience pressure to achieve more with less and often task Legal Operations to find legal tech solutions that meet these evolving needs. Legal departments that leverage collaborative data, transform information into smart data that can be intelligently delivered, resulting in more effective legal teams and successful outcomes.

What is Smart Data?

Data becomes “smart” when it is transformed into insights that move their business forward. In Corporate Legal, smart data refers to a wide range of information, including executive summaries, financial reporting, and granular details. Smart data gives you greater control over cases and costs, which provides a single reference point to easily share with all involved parties. Removing business data silos develops greater transparency and efficiency for everyone. Smart data is available, adjustable, relevant, and secure.

Intelligent Delivery

While smart data is one component helping solve Corporate Legal’s challenges, intelligent delivery is the other part of that equation. It makes smart data available and actionable by allowing users to determine the insights they need and how they will receive them. Another facet of intelligent delivery is timing. Ensure insights are delivered when they are needed for data-driven decisions. Intelligent delivery is content-driven, configurable, and collaborative.

“For Corporate Legal, the challenge is to transform how we access, analyze, and apply broad-ranging matter and spend-management data. We need to build intelligent, meaningful experiential models that inform every-day decision making and tell better stories about the value we deliver today and tomorrow, ”

stated Eyal Iffergan, Managing Principal, Hyperion Research Group.

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