Person Using a Laptop Targeted Support for brand owners Our dedicated trademark, design and domain name services minimize cost and administrative hurdles for brand owners while ensuring quality and accuracy.

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Integrated or on-demand

Centralize your trademark, design, and domain name management with us, or choose a single or package of services


Brand protection


Domain name management

Find out about our dedicated Online Brand Protection solution

Our Online Brand Protection services help businesses to achieve more with less by integrating and automating monitoring and enforcement to take the pressure off in-house teams.

Intellectual property platform

Streamline your approach to IP management

Discover the benefits of managing the entire IP life cycle on one integrated intellectual property platform!


The world’s top filers, law firms, and organizations rely on us for their 

trademark, design, and domain name needs.

Focused on customer service

We make onboarding quick and simple by assigning a dedicated project coordinator.

Flexible in our approach

You can choose your level of integration, including retaining your own network of agents if preferred.

Guaranteed quality and savings

Our team of industry veterans applies experience, expertise, and technology to analyze your invoice data, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

State-of-the-art systems with personalized support

We provide our wide range of IP support via a single contact point, with instructions and invoices managed through our secure intellectual property platform for maximum control and transparency

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