Trademark Searching

Our trademark search services enable brand owners to ensure their chosen names are screened and available for use in their chosen markets before a new brand or product launch.

With thousands of trademarks registered every minute, it can be a challenge to find a name that is both available worldwide and attractive to marketing teams.

Launching a new brand or product without first screening your chosen name for trademark conflicts can result in costly rebranding exercises if it turns out your chosen name is already registered or in use.

However, few companies have the time to sift through thousands of pages of search results. That’s why Questel’s four types of trademark searches are each designed to meet a specific business need.

Questel provides trademark searching services to pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, luxury fashion brands, and global food and beverage corporations, among others.

We use a dedicated platform to centralize and store your current and previous searches so that they are easily accessible at any time.

But, we don’t simply provide you with search results. Our global network of IP attorneys can also advise you on the risks associated with your chosen brand names, as well as drill down further into your candidate trademarks, conflicting trademarks, and country-specific detail as required.

Our trademark searching solution

Dedicated Platform

 Available free of charge, 24/7, so you can check the status of every single project

Comprehensive Solution

Worldwide searches, managed consistently and uniformly, in one platform

Smart Management

Benefit from full transparency on costs and access to our benchmarking tools

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