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Powerful patent searching and analysis -
Search patent database



Computer assisted search

Easy Search. Enter a name, keywords or numbers – the system displays relevant results automatically.
Semantic Search. Enter free text – the system translates and extracts concepts before displaying relevant patents.
Similarity Search. Select a relevant set of patents – the system finds patents similar to your documents.

Expert dedicated interface

Advanced search. Build complex strategies by combining keywords, classifications, names, legal status and more. Use powerful Boolean, proximity and truncation operators. Command line and script creation also available for experts.

Powerful search engine indexing enhanced content


Patents: daily updates, 54M+ patent families, 100M+ patents, worldwide coverage, all searchable translations.
Designs: daily updates, 12M+ designs, 50+ countries, dedicated interface.


Search a patent by individual record (FullPat) or by invention-based families (FamPat). Group and display search results by patents, by invention-based patent families or by extended families.

Value added content

Summary of invention, prior art and FTO resources, more than 300 data fields, normalized assignee names, technical concepts and legal status.


Get results real time

Live analysis

Analyze in real time large sets of patents (2M families at once).
Highlight segments and drill down the selection.
Filter graphs and interact with the results.
Customize analysis axis.
Create and navigate through customized chart templates
Share customized presentations containing selected charts and comments

Create relevant content

In-memory analysis

Create and save data rules (group assignees, classifications, …).

Apply all or selected data rules in just a click.
Customize and add any patent field to the graphs.
Categorize and analyze datasets.
Interact between graphs the search page to fine-tune your dataset.
Create and navigate through customized chart templates
Share customized presentations containing selected charts and comments

Answer business questions with evaluation modules


1. Business case assessment

Evaluate the environment and players before starting R&D.


2. Legal risk assessment

Evaluate potential legal risks before making strategic business decisions.


3. Technology scouting

Scout for inventions to license & identify licensing opportunities.


4. Licensing in

Benchmark competitors and portfolios to license.


5. Ability to exclude

Evaluate your position and ability to exclude competitors with a SWOT analysis.


6. Portfolio pruning

Segment your portfolio, isolate less relevant and non-essential patents for pruning. Cut unnecessary costs.


7. Licensable art

Identify and categorize patents with licensing potential, and most probable licensees.


8. Licensing out

Evaluate the environment and players before starting R&D.

Watch and Share

Watch technology, players, citations, legal status.
Type your search. Define the delivery settings: frequency, email or Workfiles, format, content, recipients.

Receive automatically new relevant patents: In your technology, from competitors, When such patents have cited your patents or/and when the status of such patents has changed.

Make review simple and efficient

Feed workfiles with alerts.
Annotate, vote and rank.
Classify by tagged patents.
Bring in outside expertise.
Manage reader lists.


Build custom workflow

Automate notifications.
Inform a group of users.
Make review simple.
Monitor review process.
Keep full capacity for review.
Manage team actions.


Create dedicated report

Fully customizable exports.
Showable dashboard.
Share with executives and stakeholders.
Generate a custom report URL.

Discover our Orbit Express, Orbit Intellixir, Orbit BioSequence and Orbit Chemistry add-ons to unlock new possibilities into Orbit Intelligence.


Orbit Express
Easy patent search and collaboration


Orbit Intellixir
Analysis from any scientific sources


Orbit BioSequence
DNA and amino acid Searching & Analysis


Orbit Chemistry
Small molecules Searching & Analysis

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