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Intellectual property intelligence

Unlock hidden insights in the global Patent Database

Accelerate your patent analysis, and make more informed decisions

EMERGE smarter!
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Orbit Intelligence is a leading global intellectual property intelligence software dedicated to patent research and analysis. The platform is trusted by more than 100,000 users and delivers access to the largest accurate patent database and scientific literature database. Its technology helps top management, IP specialists and legal professionals turn data into actionable insights to solve their strategic questions.

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open your company to new research, analysis and
immersive data visualization capabilities

Best-in-class Patent, Design & NPL Data

Make your decision based upon high quality patent data

Database of over 100 million patents, 17 million Designs and 150 million NPL including: clinical trials, projects and scientific documents.

Enhanced data reliability powered through unique AI solutions: verified true patent ownership, correct legal status worldwide and translated full text data.

Data connected to litigation, opposition, licensing agreements and standards.

Smart Search Technology

Turn data into valuable insight

Visual Data Intelligence

Automatic Similarity Search

 Flexible Search Capacity (Patent or Families)

• Guided Use Cases Analysis.

Experienced support and consultation

Benefit from a global world-class team

• Technical support: dedicated team of experts available in more than 10 languages.

• Custom training programs: build your skills on our tool usage thanks to personalized training courses, onboarding programs and webinars.

Consulting services for strategic patent analysis covering the entire IP lifecycle: landscape, valuation, licensing, due diligence. 

POWERFUL and easy-to-use FEATUREs

Create live (generate url) and customized presentations to easily share with your team or external stakeholders.

Utilize customized templates to export your analysis in PowerPoint with one click.

Set workflows for your organization: receive notifications, inform, review and monitor processes.

Customize graphs with your own taxonomy and comments. In one click create an infinity of insightful graphs.

Use guided use cases analysis to verify and simplify your searches: technology scouting, portfolio pruning, licensing, etc.

Every graph is interactive: drill down and get the most granular view of your graphs.

In memory and live analysis: access instant insights on large sets of patent data or capitalize on structured analyses for future use.

Watch technology, players, citations and legal status: automatically receive competitors' new hit patents in your technology.

Create the bridge between intellectual property intelligence and R&D: connect your different type of users through dedicated interfaces.

Why should I become a user?

transform Data into actionable knowledge


Save time by accessing metrics that measure the quality of patent and portfolio


New business and market metrics

Analyzing a patent environment can be complex, especially when the volume of applied patents is huge. Metrics measuring the quality of patents and portfolios can save considerable time.

Magnifying Glass

Adapt graphs to your business needs


More customization capabilities

Modify and save your favorite graphs to fit with your reporting needs. Adapt results of your specific research based on the application of your products. Get graphs that match your business needs.


Reduce risk and base your strategic decisions on reliable analyses


Guided use cases analysis

Confirm the results of your analysis with a second opinion. Make informed decisions for licensing, portfolio pruning, scouting or launch of new projects by comparing with an unbiased analysis.

Bar Graph

Enrich your analysis


A greater analytical capacity

2 million max records in live analysis and 30,000 max records in saved analysis.


Improve the quality of your Competitive Landscape

Add a third dimension to benchmark competitor positions on a specific technology

Easily identify breakout players, market leaders and new players

Intellectual Property Intelligence Software Graph on Laptop
Intellectual Property Intelligence Software Chart on Laptop

Enhance your Portfolio Management capabilities


Quickly identify which patents to abandon and obtain an instant view of the saving that represents!

Identify White Space and find breakthrough technology

Choose the level of automation of your white space analyses

Automatic extractions and clustering of concepts for quick insights

Intellectual Property Intelligence Software Landscape on Laptop

 AI Classifier – Transform your working method (optional feature)

What is it?

  • Automatic patent classification based on machine learning algorithms.

  • Adaptability through user-driven training.

  • Fully integrated into Orbit Intelligence.


As many as you want!

Create as many AI classifiers as needed in your Orbit Intelligence account.

Quick implementation

The automatic classification just needs 10 minutes of manual training to produce results.


 Integration with alerts and other workfiles

The AI classifier is especially useful to classify your alert results.

Discover Orbit Intelligence add-ons to unlock specific business features


Orbit Express
Easy patent search and collaboration


Orbit Intellixir
Analysis from any scientific sources


Orbit BioSequence
DNA and amino acid Searching & Analysis


Orbit Chemistry
Small molecules Searching & Analysis

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