Patent portfolio pruning: to kill, or not to kill? That is the question…

How to contribute to feeding the innovation and growth motor of your company thanks to portfolio pruning

Doing better with less is becoming the new way of life for IP Teams, IP counsel or IP managers in innovative companies. The current situation makes it crucial to consider patent cost management as a way to relieve pressure.

Our eBook guides corporations through a global framework to think/rethink how to optimize pruning patent portfolio strategies.

  • Introduction : Portfolio pruning, tuning or “cutting deadwood” campaign
  • Literature review
    Objective analysis : defined as a fully automatic evaluation of the strength of a patent
    Subjective analysis : performed by an expert searcher, licensing officer or IP expert, using a manual and totally objective-oriented process
  • Questel’s methodology: portfolio pruning
    Step 1: identification
    Step 2 : Qualification
    Step 3 : Scoring
    Step 4 : Evaluation
  • Conclusion

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