Connect your IP Management System with Patent Renewal Services

Published, 14 June 2021

Time to rethink your approach to patent annuities

Patent annuity management bears some risk when processes are not seamlessly aligned. We will introduce our interface solution which enables users to efficiently renew IP rights with minimal administrative effort. The tool allows data, such as new and amended IP rights and payment instructions, to be easily transferred from Orbit Asset to PAVIS our center-of-excellence for annuity payments. PAVIS Connect is an intelligent interface which will simplify the entire process. It will bilaterally communicate with your IP MS, saving you valuable time.

You’ll discover:

  • How to save time & money while increasing reliability in the IP rights/patent annuities renewal process
  • Benefits of a solution which is integrated into your IP Management software / Orbit Asset
  • Learn how the synergy between PAVIS and Questel brings value



Eric Moran

US Subject Matter Experts Manager


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